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HD 101: What's your type?

Your human design type is a map of your energetic hardwiring - how you’re designed to operate in the world, and your optimal decision-making strategy.

Human design is a complex system of archetypes. Understanding your energy type can help you contextualize your natural strengths and challenges, recognize patterns in your life, and ultimately give yourself permission to be exactly who you truly are.

There are four primary energy types in human design - plus one that’s a combination of types - each with their own unique aura, decision-making strategy and consistent emotional theme.

Manifestor | Generator | Manifesting Generator | Projector | Reflector

The Manifestor - The cosmic initiator

Manifestors make up roughly 9% of the world’s population, and they represent the cosmic initiating force of humanity.

Manifestors have tremendous power to start things - they’re super-independent, and designed to be inspired and get the ball rolling. These are the people who can just go out there and make it happen.

The manifestor aura has a closed and repelling quality that’s designed to impact others.

Manifestors walk around impacting people every day. They’re the ones that you can feel when they enter a room or pass you on the sidewalk - their energy is disruptive and it moves fast. It’s easy to think that a “closed and repelling aura” is a bad thing, but that’s missing the point. Manifestors are like cosmic cue balls - their impact on the rest of us is what gets things moving on the earthly plane.

Manifestors are here to start things, but not necessarily finish them.

Manifestors are designed to experience an internal, non-verbal creative flow - it’s the feeling of sudden inspiration, a sense of right timing, and then leaping into action. I used to work with a manifestor who would have these brilliant moments of creative inspiration and he would just drop everything and walk away from a conversation to go do the thing that he was inspired to do. This is classic manifestor energy. When you’re around an inspired manifestor, you will be impacted and either drawn into the process or repelled away - this is how it’s supposed to work. Once a manifestor has initiated action, he’s fulfilled his energetic contract with the universe, and he’s free to move onto the next inspiration. The downside is that we’ve all been conditioned to believe that we should finish what we’ve started and follow through on things, but this is not what manifestors are here to do.

The strategy for manifestors is to inform.

Because the manifestor aura is designed to impact others, it’s important for the manifestor to inform people before taking action. It can feel like a drag, or like it’s unnatural to interrupt their process, but it makes everything go so much smoother when they tell people what they’re going to do before they do it. When a manifestor informs, it lets those who will be impacted know what’s coming so they can get out of the way and let the manifestor do her thing.

The manifestor’s emotional theme is anger or peace.

When a manifestor gets the inspiration to go, the worst thing that can happen is for someone to interrupt that process. Manifestors receive powerful internal nudges to do things, and the most natural expression of this energy is to just leap into action. When they don’t get to express that energy, either because someone or something interrupts their process, or because they’ve been conditioned to hide or suppress that inherent power, it manifests as anger. On the other hand, when a manifestor can fully embody the initiating power within and act in their own timing, they’ll feel a deep sense of peace.

The Generator - The energy alchemist

Generator types are the majority of the world’s population - over 70% of people are either generators, or a special subtype called manifesting generators (it’s roughly 37% generators to 33% manifesting generators). These people represent the life force and work force energy of humanity.

Generators are defined by their sustainable onboard energy source - they’re the doers and builders of the world.

The generator aura has an open and enveloping quality, designed to draw life toward it.

Generators naturally attract things and people toward them with their defined sacral center. In the bodygraph, the sacral center is located directly above the root center, and having it defined is what makes a generator a generator. Manifestors, projectors, and reflectors have open or undefined sacral centers, and are naturally drawn into the generator’s energy field, in part because the generator aura provides access to this energy for the non-sacral types.

Generators are here to become masters of what lights them up inside.

The life force energy generated by the defined sacral center is the most powerful and consistent energy available to humanity. Generators are designed to leverage this energy when it feels right - and the defined sacral center is where that decision happens. The defined sacral responds with a physical sensation of yes or no - the classic “gut response.” A generator is constantly attracting life toward her, and the sacral is designed to respond to whatever comes into its aura with a yes or no - it usually comes out as either “uh-huh” or “uh-uh.” When the generator is saying yes to the things that light her up inside (and saying no when the sacral says no), she will have consistent energy to do that work and become masterful at it.

The strategy for generators is to wait to respond.

Because the generator aura is constantly attracting people and opportunities toward it, the generator’s strategy is to wait to respond. Most of us grew up hearing that we should just go out there and make things happen, but this is not a strong strategy unless you’re a manifestor. For generators, it’s about having ideas or inspirations and then waiting for something to show up in their outer reality that elicits that sacral response. When a generator can wait for the correct opportunities and people to show up and then respond, they’ll experience less resistance and more ease.

The generator’s emotional theme is frustration or satisfaction.

Generators are designed to respond to life as it comes to them. When they try to use that energy incorrectly - either by trying to manifest what the mind thinks it wants without waiting to respond, or doing work that doesn’t light them up inside - it results in the feeling of frustration. Generators can run themselves ragged trying to be manifestors, and it usually ends with them quitting in frustration. On the flip side, when a generator surrenders to the natural flow of life and responds to the correct things as they arrive, they’ll experience a deep sense of satisfaction.

The Manifesting Generator - The ultimate multitasker

Manifesting generators make up around 33% of the population, and along with generators, represent the vast majority of humanity. Like generators, they have defined sacral energy that enables them to draw life in and respond.

Manifesting generators have the same warm, enveloping aura as generators, but there’s a key difference - and it has to do with speed.

Manifesting generators are a hybrid energy type that combines the defined sacral energy of generators with the initiating power of manifestors - and they are all about efficiency.

Manifesting generators are here to speed up the creative process.

The manifesting generator is designed to have multiple interests that drive her creative energy - the ultimate multitasker. These are people who are naturally gifted at picking up new skills and quickly gaining mastery. Combining the generator’s sustainable energy with the manifestor’s speed and internal, non-verbal creative flow, this type has a massive amount of creative juice, and needs to be busy doing all the things and finding shortcuts and efficiencies along the way. This energy moves fast and creates a ripple effect that others feel - and they need to burn off that energy every day.

The strategy for manifesting generators is to wait to respond, inform, then act.

The manifesting generator is a hybrid energy type, and as a result, has a hybrid strategy. Just like the generator, they have defined sacral energy that draws life in, and the correct strategy for that dynamic is to wait to respond, just like the generator. The difference for manifesting generators is that they can also initiate things like a manifestor after they’ve fulfilled the generator part of the energy equation by waiting. Once they’ve waited for something to show up in their outer reality to respond to, they need to inform those who will be impacted by their action, and then go. This can be tricky for an energy type that is so driven to do things quickly, but it helps them settle the energy field around them.

The manifesting generator’s emotional theme is frustration and anger or satisfaction and peace.

The manifesting generator’s innate multitasking ability and internal drive for efficiency is a lot, and it can lead to feeling like they have to do it all by themselves - and they can! But just because they can, doesn’t mean they have to. MGs can have a hard time understanding why others don’t move as fast or as efficiently as they do, and this can lead to frustration and anger, especially when others try to tell them to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. When a manifesting generator learns to surrender to their own unique process and accept the fact that most other people just can’t keep up, they’ll feel a greater sense of satisfaction and peace.

The Projector - The natural guide

Projectors are around 20% of the population, and they’re here to anchor the energetic template for the future of humanity.

Projectors are defined by their natural affinity for understanding systems and guiding energy - they are here to transform and improve the way we build the world.

The projector aura is penetrating and focused, and it’s designed to plug into and deeply recognize other people.

The projector aura is all about focus, and it has an almost pointy quality to it. They’re the ones you can feel looking at you - and when you’re on the receiving end of a projector’s gaze, it can either be gratifying or intrusive. This focused aura is designed to plug into another person’s center and have a deep understanding about the core of that person's being. Projectors live in a world where they can sense the truth about the person in front of them - and how that person’s energy might be redirected for the greater good - but not everybody wants to hear about it.

Projectors are here to recognize and direct energy.

Projectors are what’s known as a “non-energy” type - they have an open or undefined sacral, which means they don’t have the same internal resource of energy as generators and manifesting generators - so right off the bat, they’re going to be looking for access to energy. The key for projectors is discernment. When a projector finds their people, they’ll be able to plug into that energy field and shine. The projector’s natural talent for understanding people, systems and how energy works will serve as a valuable resource for the group, guiding and directing others’ efforts toward their individual and collective goals.

The strategy for projectors is to wait for recognition and invitation.

Projectors are hardwired to see into others and know what’s best for them - but their wisdom will be lost unless they’re invited to share it. For projectors, waiting for recognition and invitation is all about discerning who truly sees them and the value in what they have to offer. When a projector can be patient and wait for that recognition, she’ll be drawn into the correct experiences and situations that will ultimately energize and support her.

The projector’s emotional theme is bitterness or success.

Projectors are here to guide, and recognizing what guidance and when to give it are essential to living in alignment. When a projector acts prematurely or isn’t recognized for her gifts, she will experience a deep sense of bitterness. Nobody likes unsolicited advice, and when a projector doesn't practice discernment around giving guidance, she will end up feeling ignored, unseen, and alienated. The key for a projector to find success in life is to develop mastery of a system and to be recognized in that mastery.

The Reflector - The quintessential chameleon

Reflectors are the rarest energy type, comprising only 1% of the population. They are the cosmic barometers of humanity.

Reflectors have a unique energy configuration that allows them to sample and amplify the different energies around them - and through this sampling, they have a deep awareness of the potential of humanity.

The reflector aura has a resistant and sampling quality that’s designed to reflect.

Reflectors are the only type that have no defined energy centers or channels, and their aura is equally unique. When an energy center is open or undefined, that usually means that it’s vulnerable to constantly taking in other people’s energies and emotions. The reflector’s resistant aura is different - it serves as a protective shield, sampling or tasting little bits of energy from the people around it, and reflecting what it receives back out into the world.

Reflectors are here to be at the heart of their community and reflect back its health.

Reflectors take in energy from others and see the world through others’ eyes - these are the natural empaths, intuitive and deeply sensitive. They sample and amplify these energies and reflect them back out so the rest of us can see where we need to recalibrate. Reflectors are deeply impacted by both who they surround themselves with and where they live - for reflectors, being in the right place with the right people is essential.

The reflector strategy is to wait a full lunar cycle before making a decision.

Because reflectors have no defined energy centers, their experience of the world changes daily depending on the position of the moon. Reflectors feel the impact of lunar transits more than any other type because as the moon orbits around the earth, it activates different elements of their energy field, changing their experience from one day to the next. It takes the moon 28.5 days to complete its orbit around the earth, and over the course of a single lunar transit, a pattern emerges for the reflector - and this pattern is consistent. By waiting a full lunar cycle before making important decisions, the reflector can connect with their own inner truth over time rather than making impulsive decisions based on what’s being activated and amplified for them on a day to day basis.

The emotional theme for reflectors is disappointment or surprise.

Through their openness, reflectors experience a visceral sense of what’s possible for humanity - they live in a state of constant awareness around potential, both for the collective and the individual. Reflectors are especially prone to falling in love with someone’s potential - and when a reflector sees the gap between that potential and what’s actually happening, they can feel a huge sense of disappointment. Reflectors are also susceptible to internalizing this disappointment when they fall prey to comparing themselves to others and losing connection to their own unique way of being in the world. When a reflector can surrender the need to keep up with others and accept their own unique process, they can shift their perspective from disappointment to surprise.

Interested in learning more about your human design? You can create your own human design chart for free at or schedule a reading with me here.

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