Light and Shadow


Intuitive Coaching with Karen Scholle

Image by Nico Baum


Hi! I’m Karen. I’m here to help you rediscover yourself.

I do one-on-one holistic wellness coaching that integrates human design, emotional literacy, endocrine & nervous system health, and nutrition.  

My specialty is getting to the bottom of what’s really going on in your life, and helping you clear away everything that’s corroding your foundations.  The goal is to get you feeling grounded & stable in your body, emotionally aware, regulated & resilient in your nervous system, and more connected to the people who matter the most to you.

I am a 1/4 splenic projector with consecutive appetite, and the channels of The Prodigal, The Wavelength, and Acceptance. I was born on the cross of the sphinx. 

My projector aura is designed for deep focus on you - if you recognize and invite me.

My incarnation cross is all about direction - I’m here to help you orient yourself, get your bearings, and set a course toward your true north.  

My defined channels are my life force.  I have 3 modes: witnessing, experimenting, and hypothesizing. I know how to ask the right questions to get you talking about what really matters to you.  Once we unlock that voice, your next right steps become clear.  

My profile means that I’m a natural teacher.  I spend my time studying neuroscience, endocrinology, psychology, and nutrition so you don’t have to.  All you have to do is show up, tell me what’s happening, and I’ll point you toward the areas in your life that need your attention.  

If you’re looking for ​a safe harbor to be fully seen and heard, to unpack the stuff that feels overwhelming, and finally anchor into your true essence, come in.  You found it.

Image by Konstantin Kleine

Human Design changed my life for the better. I’ve always been fascinated by astrology and chakra work and have run my own astrological birth charts before, but when Karen ran my HD chart and gave me an initial reading, I felt like a light was switched on.

Emily H.

Karen has run charts and done readings for my husband and my oldest son and the information and insight there has made me a better and more understanding partner and parent. It’s like having a reading done by a psychic, or having someone put into words exactly what you have always known about yourself but maybe couldn’t articulate.