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Intuitive Guidance with Karen Scholle

Splattered Paint


Hi. I’m Karen.

I'm a 1/4 splenic projector with the channels of the Prodigal, the Wave Length, and Acceptance.  

I’m here to help you reconnect with your body, release the patterns that are keeping you stuck, and reorient yourself toward your true north.  I specialize in pulling out your stories, recognizing your innate talents, and helping you find the next right steps in your experiment.


This isn’t about advice or coaching.  This is about reconnecting with your truth.  


I’m a facilitator, an active listener, and a pattern-recognizing-machine. 

My role is about asking the right questions so you can feel into what's correct for you.

This is about you having an embodied experience.

Human Design says "the body is the life."

The first step in the Experiment is learning how to connect with your body's intelligence.

My job is to help you tune in and trust what it's telling you. 

Your body is talking to you.  I’m here to help you translate.

This is about more than Human Design.

Human Design provides the blueprint - but it’s not the only system I’m investigating, and I don’t treat it like a dogma.  My take on HD is about synthesizing multiple systems into specific, personalized attention. 

I spend my time studying human design PLUS nervous system regulation, endocrine dysfunction, autoimmune disorders and reproductive health, and when you work with me, you get access to all of it. 

This is about remembering who you are.

Everything I do as a practitioner comes down to this simple truth:


You already know everything you need to know. 


I’m not here to teach you anything about yourself.  I’m here to validate what you already know is true, empower you to fully step into that truth, and witness the transformation.

Image by Jason Leung

Human Design changed my life for the better. I’ve always been fascinated by astrology and chakra work and have run my own astrological birth charts before, but when Karen ran my HD chart and gave me an initial reading, I felt like a light was switched on.

Emily H.

Karen has run charts and done readings for my husband and my oldest son and the information and insight there has made me a better and more understanding partner and parent. It’s like having a reading done by a psychic, or having someone put into words exactly what you have always known about yourself but maybe couldn’t articulate.



1807 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS 66044


Light and Shadow
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