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Image by Tony Reid


Hi. I'm Karen.

I’m the existential detective, here to investigate, share what I’ve learned, and guide you through your Human Design experiment, one step at a time.  

 Human Design changed my life.

Learning that I’m a projector was a life-altering experience.  It explained everything I already knew in my bones but could never put into words - the ways I’m not like my parents, the ways I don’t operate like other people, the ways I see things that others don’t see.  It was my cosmic permission slip to step into my true nature and start living my life as myself.

Human Design mirrors my own DNA.

As a biracial person of Asian and European descent, I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong.  Not Asian enough to belong to my Korean-ness, and not white enough to avoid being constantly interrogated about where I’m from…originally.  IYKYK.  Existing in a weird, in-between space of not quite this and not quite that, I spent most of my life feeling like an outsider.  

When I found Human Design, it felt like coming home.  The way this system synthesizes Eastern philosophy and Western astrology, its binary structure of yin and yang, the way it teaches us to hold opposing truths and accept the inherent conundrum - it all resonated with me at a cellular level.  This system helped me finally make sense of myself and my place in the world.

My system is the body.

Projectors are here to become experts at systems.  My system is the human body.  I’m the perennial student, constantly studying systems that explain what’s going on inside of us, and the systems that can support us at the physical level and beyond. 

1/4 Splenic Projector on the Cross of the Sphinx

I’m here to provide intuitive guidance that will influence your direction in life.

I speak logic and abstract.

My definition knows how to explain things logically and draw out your stories.

13-33: The Channel of The Prodigal

I’m here to be an active listener, reflect on past experiences, and witness the transformation.

16-48: The Channel of The Wave Length

I’m here to experiment, to be constantly tweaking the parameters, and to recognize talent when I see it.

17-62: The Channel of Acceptance

I’m here to gather details, formulate opinions, and express those ideas logically.


I’m here to be mentally receptive and grounded in strategic action.

Consecutive Determination

I’m here to follow my appetites and take things in slowly & thoroughly, one thing at a time.

Outer Vision Cognition

I’m here to see the beauty in everything.

Mountains Environment

I’m here to share what I see from the catbird seat.

Probability View

I’m here to see what’s probable, not what’s possible.

Innocence Motivation

I’m here to take it all in and be an objective bystander.  I’m not here to push an agenda.

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